How much does a session cost?

A general session with me is $300. See my "investment" page to get more info. Wedding information can also be found there!

When will we get our photos back?

You can expect a general session back within 1 week. Weddings and elopements you can expect back within 6-8 weeks. 

How do you send our pictures back to us?

General sessions and wedding sneak peaks will be sent back on a online gallery. 

Your full wedding gallery will be sent back to you on a usb!


Can I bring my pet to my session?

ABSOLUTELY, please bring your fur baby and let me give it lovins!!

Where will our session be at?

Once you fill out a form or get in touch with me we will figure out a place that speaks to you or best suits your style!

What should we wear to our session?

Neutral toned colors look best with the way I edit. Neon colors tend to reflect on your skin and mess with its tone. Always wear something you're comfortable in. We want raw and authentic photos and we can't get that if you can't comfortably put your arms in the air. Steer away from big logos and small patterns. If you do wear a pattern make sure only one person is wearing a pattern and the other a solid. Want more details on what to wear? Message me for a free style guide!

Do you travel?

You friggin bet I do! Fill out my contact form and let's get to chattin!

Can you send me the RAW images?

Long answer short, no.

Can you change the way you edit your images/can you do a different filter?

Long answer short, no. The way I edit my images are not changeable. I edit my images the best way I know and the way I feel that shows the most emotions through them. If you don't feel a connection with the way I edit my images that is SOOOO okay! We may just not be the right fit for each other! But don't worry I can point you to some other amazing photographers who will work even better for you!