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But really though, who am I??

First and foremost, I'm a mama to my little boy, Elliot, and my little girl, Lucy! I'm also married to my best friend, Austin! Together we have four crazy dogs: Dolly, Lilly, Ladybug, and Bo! We also have a ton of chickens and two ducks lol! I have a lot of tattoos, I use way too many exclamation marks, I love any kind of adventure, and anything to that has to do with Taco Bell. There's not many foods I don't like, except mushrooms (and pineapple on pizza if that counts). I love a good cup of coffee almost more than almost anything. Even though I'm 100% a people person, I love spending time by myself and think it's so important to do that often! So yup, that pretty much sums me up! 

I'm a Knoxville based photographer, born and raised here, but I'm ALWAYS down to travel! I've been in this photography game for about seven years now. I first started photography in high school with the mindset of it never being anything more than a hobby and now it's turned into my full time "job"! I say job in quotes because this 100% has never felt like a job to me. This thing that I've got going on with a camera is so much fun and has allowed me to meet so many awesome clients that turn into friends, hopefully like YOU!

We would work well together if:

1. You like to adventure.

2. You're looking for super authentic and unposed photos.

3. You like photos that capture raw and real emotions.

Why tell you all of this?

I'm all about some warm, raw, and real photos that capture your freaking soul! Whether that's on your wedding day or just some fun family photos, I want to really show how you guys feel!! I want to capture your feelings and memories! Let's ditch those cheesy poses and create something real!

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