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Mentor Sessions

First of all HEY!!


I am so stoked that you're here and so flattered that you want to learn from me! Like oh my gosh! 

Over the past 6 years of doing photography there is a lot of stuff I wish I would've known when I first started out or even along the way. I know a lot of photographers aren't so giving with their knowledge, understandably, so I get how hard it can be trying to establish yourself.

But guess WHAT! That's why I'm here!!

These mentor sessions are built to help photogs that are typically in the early stages of their business.

So, there's three types of mentor sessions that I offer!

Lemme break it down for you!

Package  #1

1 hr coffee date/phone call


If you're local to Knoxville/East TN let's meet up for a coffee date on me! But, if you're not from around here that's totally okay too! Let's chat over Skype or a phone call!

 No topic is off limits at this thing! You can literally ask me anything!

We'll go over things like..

- Camera settings

- Editing

- Marketing

- How to price yourself

- Gear

- Workflow

- How client communication is key

- How to send back client images

- Location scouting

- Branding

Those are just a few of the things that we'll cover! But don't worry, you can ask me all the questions that your heart desires! I find it best to make a list for me beforehand and come prepared so we can make the best out of our time together!

Package  #2

1 hr in person styled shoot


This is something that I can style and put together for us or you can style it for your dream shoot!

You'll get to go through an entire shoot with me as I lead and then towards then end ill let you take over! 

There we will go over..

- Posing 

- Prompts

- Do's + Don'ts

- How to make your clients feel comfortable

- Lighting scenarios

We'll end the evening by me taking some fun headshots of you FO FREE (:

Package  #3


Coffee date + Styled session


This package will literally cover EVERYTHING!


What does that mean?

We'll start the evening off by going on our coffee date, chat it up, you get to pick my brain, and I go over everything I would cover in package #1.

After getting to know each other a little better we'll head out to our styled session that we've put together where ill still go over everything listed in package #2!

We'll still wrap up the session with some free headshots of you and then we'll sit down again and go over Lightroom, editing, how to make a gif, exporting photos to clients, etc!

Does a mentor session sound like

something that'd be helpful to you?

Fill out the contact form below and let's set it uppppp!

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